How are IELTS Band Score Calculated

IELTS is an English language proficiency test. There is no passing or failing criteria in the test instead scores are given in terms of bands. A candidate can earn from a minimum of 0 to maximum of 9 bands depending on the individual skill.

Band Score      Skill Level

0 Did not attempt the test
1 Non-user
2 Intermittent user
3 Extremely limited user
4 Limited user
5 Modest user
6 Competent user
7 Good user
8 Very good user
9 Expert user

IELTS test consist of four components Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The band earned in each of these components determine the final band. Higher the band earned in each test can earn you an overall higher band.The average of all four tests determine the final band.

There is no set requirement for IELTS band. The requirement varies from institution to institution or wherever you are planning to apply. However, it is always helpful to go for the maximum band rather than only fulfilling the requirement so that you can apply at maximum places.

Each component is marked out of 40 where each correct answer gets one point. This score is then converted in to bands. An example for the score of academic reading is given below.

Academic Reading
Band score Raw score out of 40
5 15
6 23
7 30
8 35

The bands for listening, writing and speaking are calculated in the same way.

To score maximum bands it is important that the candidate takes care of grammar, spellings and accuracy. To the point answers increases the chances of getting higher score. Above all, follow the instructions carefully because by not doing so you may loose marks hence there will be a decrease in marks.


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