How to prepare IELTS Reading test

IELTS reading test is conducted on the same day as the listening and writing test. Reading test in conducted after the listening test and there is no break in between the tests. The reading test has 40 questions and the answers are located in the given reading passages. The answers may or may not be in the sequence.

while attempting the test it is important to scan and go through the passages. Understanding the passages is not the goal you only have to locate the answers in the passage. Skim through the passages first to get the overall concept and underline any key information such as dates, locations, people etc. Scanning and getting the information is important rather than understanding. Spend only maximum of 5 minutes to read the passages.Scan and skim for important bits rather than close reading.

Work on your reading skills. Spend some time everyday to read a magazine, an academic article or a book. This will help you increase not just your reading speed but also increase vocabulary. Reading quickly and grasping the key information is the key. Good reading ability helps scanning the information quickly and saves time.

Prepare for every kind of possible question. To accomplish this practice as much as you can. Practice maximum sample tests. While practicing time yourself as well so that you get a rough idea of time and how much improvement do you need. Practice is the key.The type of questions that can come in the test can be viewed by clicking on the link:

Work on your grammar and spellings. If your answer is correct but the spelling and sentence structure is wrong, the answer will be considered as incorrect.Grammar and spellings are important to score high.

Read through the passages first rather than looking at questions. Once you have gone thorough the passages and highlighted the key words/information it would be easier to answer the questions. Reading the questions and then referring to the passage back and forth is time consuming.

The candidates giving general training test have different first two passages however the third passage is same for all candidates. The academic test is somewhat difficult as compared to general training and the passages have a little high level English as compared to general training test.

Time management is the key. Time yourself while practicing and try to reduce the time if you are taking too long to finish the test. Asses yourself while practicing and see where do you need more improvement. Focus on the weakness first and then practice again. Attempting the entire test is important. There is no negative marking so it is important that you answer every question. Also, there will be no extra time to transfer answers on the answer sheet so it is important that you write answers side by side rather than at the end. Usually at the end there is no or less time and candidates are unable to transfer the answers hence loosing important marks.

While preparing for the reading test, primarily focus on reading speed and vocabulary because the passages have some difficult words which require understanding and the high reading speed helps in saving time while looking for answers. Make sure to underline important information as you go through the passages to locate answers. Focus more on locating information rather than understanding the passages because you are mainly asked to find the exact information in the passage and no conceptual question is asked.

Manage your time!! Spend minimum time while reading and move quickly towards the questions. Also move to next question quickly if you can not answer one and come back to it later if there is time left.

More you practice less it is. Practice as much as you can and again and again.

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